Kindness of Strangers is, from left to right:

Dennis Watts: vocals, guitars, keyboards

Travis Endersby: drums, percussion, vocals

Dan Houston: Chapman Stick, Bass, vocals

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Dennis Watts (lead vocals, guitar and keyboards) came to Memphis in 1999 from the southwest coal fields of West Virginia with a handful of original songs and the sound of a band, yet unformed, in his head. In early 2004 he met Dan Houston, a Memphis native. Dan plays the Chapman Stick, a ten string instrument with limitless possibilities for simultaneously producing bass, electric guitar, and synth textures, enabling the complex orchestrations and layers of our recorded sound to come to life on the stage. At about the same time, Travis Endersby, a long time professional drummer and native of Perth, Australia, came to Memphis in search of musical possibilities, both old and new, and found his way into Kindness of Strangers in early 2005. We self-produced and recorded our debut EP, The Sound of One Hand Clapping, shortly thereafter.


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